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Levi Discovers Yaoi by VictorySoup Levi Discovers Yaoi :iconvictorysoup:VictorySoup 3,897 519 Yaoi Cat by Lanmana Yaoi Cat :iconlanmana:Lanmana 1,927 68 Those creepy eyes by DamaiMikaz Those creepy eyes :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 3,834 224 Aquarium by Skunkyfly Aquarium :iconskunkyfly:Skunkyfly 3,601 230 boop by sakimichan boop :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,165 302
Tales of Yu'Kai: Fiery Rose
Chapter 2: Escape and betrayal
    Many days have passed since I woke-up here in this cage. In those days I’ve learned the names of the four women I shared the cage with: Sa’rva she had blonde hair and was the youngest of the women, Camaren she had black hair and had a good sense of humor she made living in this cage bearable, Ant’le had red hair she and Camaren where the same age, and Arravi she had been in this cage the longest and from her I learned that we were in a huge mansion owned by a Veintal called Surma and his two kids a son called Kivish and a daughter called Ral’la. The girls and I where there play things for this family whenever they felt a rush of excitement we became of use. This happened quiet often for the girls me on the other hand not so often as much as I liked not being called to Ral’la’s need I wished the girls had this luck after every time they were called the
:iconwindpage:Windpage 7 141
Tales of Yu'Kai: Fiery Rose
Chapter 1: Mystery and Death
          It was a cool spring morning as I walked to father and mother’s graves. It has been many years since he’s death, but I remember it vividly. My sister has all but forgotten that night possibly because of how young she was when he died. It’s probably for the best that she forgot that night since it was both of our faults that he died. It was our fault that mother killed herself because of the grief over the loss of her husband.
          The town’s people say we’ve brought great shame on Juk’cara Midkal for causing the deaths of our parents. I wonder to myself often if it would’ve been better if I had died instead of my father that night. Had I been the one to be killed mother and father would be alive and my sister wouldn’t
:iconwindpage:Windpage 9 255
    Chapter 3: A shimmer in the darkness
    The beast just stood there and laughed as he said, “Careful Dalia of your anger you don’t want to get consumed do you.” She just stood there glaring at him as tears rolled down her cheek with an aura of intense hatred emanating from her. The beast slowly brushed away Dalia’s tear with its clawed hand and said, “You’ll be mine eventually sweet Dalia.” Dalia just smacked the beasts hand away and angrily exclaimed, “When the time comes I’ll make your death as slow and painful as possible and when Le’Kore comes for you I’ll happily throw you down to Alvlag myself and pin you to the miserable well of eternal suffering.” The beast just slapped Dalia across the face sending her flying into me.
    The best slowly walked over to me and Dalia and said, “When will
:iconwindpage:Windpage 6 44
Night Light
    Chapter 2: Waking darkness
    I awoke groggily in a small damp room that’s only source of air and sunlight was a small opening in the room that was barded off. “It seems that you’ve finally woken-up, that’s good I didn’t want to share a cell with a dead Krea’ura”, I heard a voice from across the room say as I slowly sat up. A small woman with a broken mask slowly floated into view from out of the shadows, and with a gasp the dream of a small girl with a broken mask flashed through my mind and the pain of that memory made me wither in pain. “It seems that you may not have long to live Krea’ura by the way you wither in pain”, the woman said as she floated closer, hold still I’m about to lessen your pain pyn verveg.” The woman’
:iconwindpage:Windpage 6 201
Profile4 by Windpage Profile4 :iconwindpage:Windpage 18 318
    Chapter 1: Into darkness
    “Hello…” I heard in the deepest moments of my sleep. “Hello… are you the one… the one to save this world?” The voice said again as I saw a light blink into existence before me, and what I saw was a sad looking girl with a broken mask crying. I reached out for her as she began to fade away just as I was about to grab her I awoke with my hand out stretched. In my mind I wondered was that real or only a dream, and another thought occurred to me what had happened to that poor girl to have called out to me a worthless person for help.
     I slowly sat up in my bed, and look around my home. People in the village made this joke that I live in the smallest home, but I never thought I did. For a person that lives alone, I am always alone have been since my birth, it has plenty of room: a little fireplace for cooking an
:iconwindpage:Windpage 8 118
Tales of Yu'Kai: Fiery Rose
    Chapter 3: Judge and Jury
    They just laughed at me. As they were laughed I ran towards them faster than I ever ran before. When they saw me running towards them they readied themselves for an incoming fight. I stopped in front of Ant’le she tried to stab me again with her knife. I grabbed her hand and broke her arm she screamed in pain just as she screamed I wrapped my left arm around her head and snapped her neck. Her dead body crumpled to the floor with the look of horror and pain on her face.
    Kivish tried to punch me but I quickly picked up the knife that Ant’le had and forced it through his rib cage and out the other side. He gasped for breath as he coughed up blood as I retched out the knife from his chest. He’s blood began flowing uncontrollable from his wound the blood dripped off my hand and the knife as I walked past Kivish.
:iconwindpage:Windpage 5 90
Tales of Yu'Kai: Fiery Rose
Chapter 4: Souls in Hand and a Bear-man
    The woman walked in front of me. That’s when I saw her for the first time without a cloak on even though I still couldn’t make out her face she was still beautiful. She had shoulder length brownish black hair and had skin that looked as if it had been kissed by Glideo himself. She wore a pure white dress with a slight that ran just below the mid-section of her hip and on her upper arms she wore a golden spiral bands.
    “Ittory co’kida sovita,” She sang as she held out her and waiting for something to be placed in it.
    Then in the shadows that surrounded us four lights burned into existence and began to come towards us. The lights where of different colors: a blue one, a yellow one, a red one, and a purple one. The lights floated right into the woman’s out stretched hand.
:iconwindpage:Windpage 5 7
Aomine x Kagami by meodwarf Aomine x Kagami :iconmeodwarf:meodwarf 122 9
I saw something in the mirror today that kinda creeped me out.
It was a girl wearing a smile, not a frown nor a pout.
Her eyes were wide and shining, just as a summer sun.
Her laugh wasn't wooden and fake, but true and full of fun.
Her irises reflected happiness, not a trace of pain.
She was under perfect skies; not a drop of rain.
Angels swam around her, keeping the devil at bay.
Her life was precious and she wasn't throwing it away.
Her lips were red and shinging with a pure smile.
It was a sight her mirror hadn't seen in a very long while.
She wasn't at all pretty but a care she did not give.
Because today she woke up and said, "Today I am going to live."
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 221 82
Drowned by Lurid-Motth Drowned :iconlurid-motth:Lurid-Motth 3,025 330

Newest Deviations

We say we fear
nothing when we really
fear something
we say were okay
but thats our
sometimes we love
to little
when we should love
so much
other times we look
when our heads should
be up
children walk so slow
when we should run
mainly we dream so small
when we should dream so
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 1 7
Fear of death
a hard subject
for easy prey
Why fear what
must come anyway
Why fear what
will happen anyway
Fear of death a
an easy subject
for hard prey
They fear nothing
they live life
till its time
Fear of death
a hard subject
for easy prey
      O R
an easy subject
for hard prey
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 1 3
As she screams & cries
but tries to breath
As he holds her hand
while holding back his fear
and excitement
As they tell her to
push and breath
As the last breath
and push come in to effect
A scream is heard in
the doctors hands
As she holds her new
life tears stream down
her face
At once he holds his
new life
At once the old life cant
live it loses breath looking
at the new life it created
Doctors try to bring back
the old life
The new life knows nothing
of his creators death he just
sits silently waiting for milk
He cries and screams as the
old life he once loved dies before
his very eyes
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 1 3
Her reflection sits on broken glass.
Her hand gives off the faint scent
of blood.
As her anger drips down to the
white carpeted floor.
As she stares out at the stormy night.
Her reflection is broken in sad remnants .
Happiness gone forever.
The broken glass shows a broken reflection
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 1 5
The future of war
Die the lover die her heart die the warriors burning light die the land of over & under
Die the warrior die a lover's heart die the bond of eternal love & beauty
live the two live the land until the two are asked to protect the land
live the warrior then live the angel
live the love live the bond
live the two who changed the war with just a kiss
live the two who leaped and lived
live the two who could be loving
and the eternal lust that is flowing
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 3 5
1102-funny-jokes-02 by Kalusonyatagami890 1102-funny-jokes-02 :iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 6 174
please forgive me
forgiveness please forgive me
forgive my stupidity please
forgive my anger please
forgiveness please forgive me
forgive my ignorance
but out of all please forgive the past
so i can change our future
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 2 71
one mind
goodness in all its glory
darkness in all its despise
in everybody their are two souls
that are suspended by one mind
two halves of a body the goodness
vs the darkness the evil that gives dark
thoughts and only believes in death and blood
the good that gives happiness to the core of the soul
and gives luck and love when two of these halves
are broken and cracked the others balance is tipped
which half would you let you mind have control of
    good    or    evil

:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 2 6
Our happiness here is all vain glory,
This false world is but transitory,
The flesh is weak, The Fiend is slee
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 2 0
things men woven through time
Things men have made with wakened hands,
and put soft energy into. Are awoken through galaxies
with transferred touch, and go on living and glowing
for generations to come. Warm still with the life of
forgotten men who made them.
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 2 7
best love poems ever
It takes a second to say i love you

but a lifetime to show it
Love is like the air we breathe it may
not always be seen but it is always

felt, used, & needed always

The love we have is gods gift to us

what we do with it is our gift to god

:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 2 0
she dreams of love and happiness
running away with her prince charming
but something always stops that dream and
crumbles it and throws it away as her dream comes
to a halt so does her happiness it all turns upside down
with the world upside down with it her depression takes toll
and keeps her down nothing can help her with the lies & death
shes walking up and down those stairs until the stairs are worn out
then her best thought comes to mind a thought so great to her she stops
if i die then my dream will keep going so that night when things were silent
and you could hear a fly buzz she took a knife and ended her sad precious life
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 2 0
Forever is my name i lingered
here there everywhere i was
the shadow that was indomitable
to the angels i was the forever watching
over you as you learned what life was and is
i was your anguish that made tears come out
of your eyes im like a constable always ready
to catch you forever is my name you say my
vanity can never be broken only brought up
you say my heart is decent but my mind is rigid
the thing that seperates us is that your
special,sweet & nice im perlious,& can penetrate
with a rigid heart we together are more than
decent forever we sit in that parlor together
surveying everything in that one parlor you and i
were too smart everybody else who was afraid
of change judged me i was that dark nobody
stepped up too you were that light everybody
wanted to hold but you were the forever
light that dropped into my darkness & i
caught you before the darkness could change you
but you held me before the light could burn me
    together we turned into the
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 3 10
the house is dark

the moon stands high and mighty

she stands in the mirror

her face scarred and beaten

her love shattered into pieces

her family broken by death and lies

she walks down the once happy halls filled with laughter and smiles

she walks into the once sweet smelling kitchen

if the beginning is the end then my end will be there new beginning

she grabs a sharp knife off the rack

the cut to the heart that killed the sweet soul that was then broken

the dog that barks through the night wanting attention

the baby in the cradle looking at the mess made crying wanting someone

the father head in hand flipping through memories in his head wanting it all back

the brother watching calling 911 crying for his life back

:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 2 4
weird phobias pt 4
hey enjoy found some good ones look in my journal history on my channel for the others enjoy
1.Siderphobia - Fear of the starsReach for the stars ... 
2.Uranophobia - Fear of the heavensjust like heaven 
3.Theophobia - Fear of religion or godCling to the Cross emote :D 
4.Ichthyophobia - Fear of fishNemo 
5.Agyrophobia - Fear of crossing the street:hoverboard: 
6.Didaskaleinophobia - Fear of schoolEmoticons' math problem 
7.Ambulophobia - Fear of walking or standing:iconjakewiggleplz: 
8.Cibophobia - Fear of food:PizzaParty: 
9.Mastigophobia -Fear of punishment-PUNISHMENT- 
10.Papaphobia - Fear of the pope:bademoticon: 
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 2 2
a devils game
mommy.....mommy little one said
i don't want you to die little one she said
ohh how cute and sad he said
why are you hurting her little one said
cause i want to that's why he said
run little one run please she said tears cascading down
no mommy i'll protect you little one said using her body as a shield
please little one run she said
how rich he said knife in hand
you'll die first then i'll kill her he said pointing behind her
time slowed blood flowed
her eyes reddened he was thrown
why why don't you people just listen why
mommy are you okay little one said
get away from me you monster she said
she looked around red was painted on the walls
red was her color now
why why am i so different why don't you love me SHE SAID
:iconkalusonyatagami890:Kalusonyatagami890 0 10



1.Zelophobia - Fear of jealousy-:Jealousy:- 
2.Monophobia - Fear of solitude or being aloneForeveralone carrot icon 
3.Psychophobia - Fear of mindAltermind 
4.Plutophobia -Fear of wealthGreed 
5.Ranidaphbia - Fear of frogsFroggy Emoji 07 (In Loved Frog) 
6.Nomatophobia - Fear of namesLlama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 
7.Nostophobia - Fear of returning home:WakeUpAndJUUUMP: 
8.Zoophobia - Fear of animals:beatadeadllama: 
9.Teraphobia - Fear of deformed children of ever having one CloudChoirPLZ 


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